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Dr Tania Cubitt
Performance Horse Nutrition


Performance Horse Nutrition...

  • Did you know? While all minerals are essential for young growing horses, calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc are most important for bone growth. Calcium and phosphorus are the two most abundant minerals found in the skeleton. Deficiencies in either of these or incorrect ratios will result in decreased bone density and bone demineralization. Copper is important for bone collagen stabilization. Zinc functions in many enzymes associated with protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Excessive zinc however is known to interfere with calcium absorption and copper utilization – both of which can predispose a young horse to developmental orthopedic disease (DOD).
  • Did you know? Protein is very important for skeletal growth, because it makes up 20% of the bone matrix. Too little protein and protein of poor quality in the diet interferes with proper bone growth and development. Feeding more protein than is required does not predispose young growing horses to developmental orthopedic disease (DOD) 



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